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Office Guardians enables businesses to focus on their goals and vision with greater clarity,

further excelling their effectiveness and purpose, for the real reason why they exist.

We help businesses face challenges and opportunities tied to rapid growth; organizational or

budget constraints; limited skills; or resource gaps, by providing flexible outsourced solutions.



What’s your most valuable asset? Time. Rely on Office Guardians to help you save it. We’ll do your tasks to help you save time. Are you ready to supercharge your productivity?


Our unequivocal passion for excellence, quality, and care drives our decision-making, and is the foundation for how we’ve structured our business.


We’re in the business of making our clients’ lives easier. That’s why we go above and beyond to make sure you are completely satisfied with your experience.


If you want to be creative in your company, your career, your life, all it takes is one easy step – the extra one. When we encounter a familiar problem, we just ask one question: ‘What ELSE can we do?’

Your Outsourced Marketing Specialist

Our clients choose to outsource their marketing to us: we build/ manage their websites, launch social media campaigns, optimize their sites, write their blogs, design their collateral – basically we do what it takes to get them qualified leads, greater visibility and help strengthen their online reputation.

Design Solutions
Web Presence Management
Social Media Management & Reporting
Project Management & Event Planning
Customer Service
Virtual & Personal Assistance


Are you ready to turn your challenges into opportunities?


Design Solutions

For a service to reach its full selling potential, its packaging is key. That is where we come in. Let us guide your business with the design that will help you reach your fullest potential. We offer: product design, logo creation, branding manuals, and corporate identity among others. 

Web Presence Management

We can help you build your brand online and offline through our services: website design, website development, website modifications, maintenance, search engine optimization (SEO), search engine marketing (SEM), pay per click management, blog management, and social media campaigns.

Social Media Management

Managing social media takes time, time you don’t have when you are running a business. We will take care of it for you by: reaching a wider audience, promoting your business with content customers care about combining that content with a strategy that gets it to the right customers at the right time.

Project Management & Event Planning

Our services range from: managing your marketing automation system, creating and sending email newsletters, to managing your social media accounts. We can also handle your special event planning with skill and enthusiasm, leaving you to focus on what you do best.

Customer Service

From customer enquiries, to processing orders, to inventory management, we’ve got you covered. We can run your entire e-commerce business on your behalf, or handle key functions for you, and we’ll treat your customers with the same love and care that you would.

Virtual & Personal Assistance

You can get rid of your basic 30-60 minutes tasks! We are here to help take care of your less glamorous tasks so you can concentrate on what’s more important. Popular requests may include: document editing, content creation, copywriting, appointment scheduling, flight booking, hotel searching, or research.




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