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Please tell me about yourself and what you do?

Steve: My name is Steve Casey. I own a privately held group of companies, called “The Goliath Group of Companies”. I am the CEO and we have been operating since 1992. The Goliath Group is a diverse group of companies, ( that range from: Real Estate, Motorsport, and Restoration; to a foundation called, “The Journey of Discovery.” We take groups, of up to twenty people, and travel to third world countries to do humanitarian work.

Mel: What is the biggest challenge you have encountered, running a number of businesses at one time?

Steve: There are many challenges that come throughout a yearly season. One challenge is trying to balance out when too many companies are busy at one time, or when too many companies are not busy enough, at one time. Where do you invest your capital to get the highest ROI? When you have a diverse group of companies, sometimes you get more excited about some of them and less excited about the others and it can become difficult to keep your perspective and your drive balanced among them all.

Different companies have different momentum shifts and you need to ebb and flow with the ones that are carrying the momentum.

At the same time, you have to stay objective and put effort into the companies that might not produce the higher ROI at the time, but have a good long term forecast. It can be very difficult not to have your favourites based on momentum and staff you enjoy working with.

Mel: You have said that you pride yourself in being creative in creating a family/work life balance. What unique schedules have you set up? Do you have any advice to help other entrepreneurial families balance their own schedules?

Steve: My wife Annerieke and I have eight kids (six natural and two adopted) ages range from two years old to twenty-six years old. With a family this size, it is a very important balance to have in your life, making sure that family is put before business. That being said, in Ecclesiastes Chapter 3 it says, “there is a time and a place for everything,” effectively called “seasons”.

The most important thing is that your spouse is on board and supports the business you are operating.

In that, you must find the priorities in serving your spouse and your family first to keep things in balance.

Here are a few things, as a male, I decided to abstain from in order to put my time and focus in developing business and have a balanced family/work life. These are some of the items that work for me, but I am not recommending to others, unless it fits with your lifestyle and thought process:

  • I do not read and watch the news as it is negative and takes away an enormous amount of time from family.
  • I watch and follow very little sports. Males tend to default to sports, which are an isolated time, typically without their spouse and family and can consume enormous amounts of hours.
  • I believe in family activities that are raised and groomed into the kids at young ages that are not per individual, but as a family unit. I.e. No hockey, ballet, football, music, etc., but rather, motorsports, gaming, family activities, and serving others as a family.
  • I believe that you are to learn the sleeping patterns of your spouse and family and then adjust yours accordingly. If your spouse stays up late, you condition yourself to stay up late and have quiet time with them. If your spouse goes to bed early, the same. Mornings are typically grab breakfast and run for most family members, so I typically start the day at 4 to 5 am every morning and get the extra hours in at work and arrive home for dinner 6 out of 7 days a week. For myself, I have conditioned myself to have fewer hours of sleep and use it to be more productive in business.
  • This is not recommended, but I have been doing this for many, many years, more than I can count. Every Wednesday night, I do something called an “all-nighter” where I stay at the office and work all night through without interruption and am very productive. When our youngest was born, we started having her dropped off Wednesday evening so I could have quiet time with her and she would sleep in a crib in the office and spend the morning at work with me. It has been very effective in building a unique bond and integrating her into the family business as well.
  • I believe in growing up the kids inside the business to grow in responsibility and communication and education in business. The four older kids, work in our group of companies full time, I love my daily interactions and project management, educating and growing together with them. We have healthy boundaries, that they call me by name at work and dad after we leave the office. They have no special treatment at the workplace and are paid under the going rate, so that there is no entitlement. The management group respects them and appreciates them, as they are hardworking and committed staff members of the different companies.
  • Monday night, every week is, “family home evening” and the whole family meets at home for a home cooked meal at 6:30 without interruption. There we discuss the week ahead; we do a character teaching and resolve any personal or individual challenges facing them in the current. We then do a family fun time like, gaming, a movie, family wrestle or family outing.
  • This one is the most important that every week without fail my wife and I have a date night without business or kids outside the home, getting creative in what we do, based on how the week is going. This keeps our focus on each other and our marriage strong, so we are bound as one and can lead the family in a healthy way into the future.



Mel: What do you think is the biggest threat to the success of small businesses today?

Steve: This is a complicated question as there are many that would take small businesses out in a heartbeat. I feel that the government doesn’t understand small business and can implement more red tape and taxes to stifle the excitement of building a business. Also, there is a lawlessness and entitlement spirit that comes from the youth of today that make it very difficult to staff and function as a business.

Mel: If you could start your road of becoming an entrepreneur over, what would you change?

Steve: If I were to start again, I would have to say that I would have taken more risks and stayed consistent in what I have done. Sometimes, I became too conservative and lost out on lots of opportunities.

Mel: What boundaries have you made in your life that you stick to and will not break?

Steve: The boundaries that I have made in my life that I stick to and do not break are, the ones that I have outlined above, as well as:

  • I do not take work home with me.
  • When I leave the office, I leave the stress and decisions until I return the next day.
  • I do not have email on my phone, on evenings or weekends, and do not take it on any holidays that I have with my family or friends.

Mel: What would you say to a person who wants to start a business, but hasn’t made the jump yet?

Steve: I believe that business is not for everyone, that being said, there are a lot of people that should start a business and are in fear of it. I would say to them, that it is hard and yet very rewarding. To remove the fear will take away the reason not to jump in, you remove the fear by educating yourself in the area that you want to build a business, and most importantly set yourself up with proper business mentorship.

It has all been done before, all the challenges have been solved before, and all the difficulties have been overcome before.

All you need is to be mentored through the answers that apply to your current situation.

In this next section, please provide a list of online tools that have helped you succeed. (Ex: Social Media, Websites, Who you follow, Blogs you read, books you read, online resources that have given you an “Ah Ha” moment, etc.)

The Collaboration Section 


For ethical business practice and wisdom:

The book of Proverbs, Chapter 1 – 31.

For daily market updates:

I believe that the things that have brought me the most success, is having “true” accountability partners in my life, along with healthy spiritual and business mentorship. As I am not much of a reader, I am a doer.

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