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Work, Life, Balanced…

Work-Life Balance
We work with solopreneurs, entrepreneurs and various small businesses with a variety of key tasks to keep your business running profitably.

We treat every client with equality and priority. We love working with small – medium companies, your satisfaction and success will be our primary goal.

Our goal is simple: we aim to make things easier for you and get things done right. With our help, you get more time to do what matters most: business development and building your brand. Let Office Guardians be your partner in success by reducing the amount of non-core business activities you engage in.

Office Guardians enables businesses to focus on their goals and vision with greater clarity, further excelling their effectiveness and purpose, for the real reason why they exist. Office Guardians focuses on streamlining business by helping business leaders face challenges/opportunities tied to rapid growth, organizational or budget constraints, limited resource skills, or resource gaps by providing flexible and creatively outsourced solutions.

One of the greatest things about starting a working relationship with Office Guardians is the ability to change the number of contracted hours as the size of your organization grows. It’s a perfect scenario for a growing business. If you could spend your time doing what you’re best at, what would it be. We’re here to help you grow your business, so how can we help?

Values & Principles

The following core principles and values grow out of our mission and vision and serve to guide our work.

To support the highest standards of excellence in all we do.
To remain at the forefront of supporting new kinds of marketing, learning, process improvement, client care and attention.
To foster an environment conducive to creativity and supportive of the creative process. All team members and contractors are always heard and healthy exchanges of issues and ideas are always promoted. We value and promote a company culture of communication.
To remain agile in our thinking and responsive to current and emerging trends, technologies, opportunities and challenges…
To place client need’s at the center of our planning and delivering; maintaining confidentiality and security for our client’s at all times.
To ensure organizational continuity, stability, security and growth through the highest level of legal and ethical responsibility.

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