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Normally, I put together a blog post at the beginning of the month to highlight a Canadian company, after having conducted an interview. This month things are a little different. I am highlighting the Rogers Talks that are traveling across Canada. This event was full of fantastic resources to help Entrepreneurs.

I was so impressed by last week’s event that I want to share the details that you may have missed out on. One of the most apparent things I noticed was that Rogers is pulling out all the stops to up their Social Media presence, and give back to Small Business owners. Ian Portsmouth was speaking for Rogers and commented;

“Rogers wanted to support cash starved businesses with a free Rogers Talks.”

Ok, so it’s obvious that I had fun at the October 29, 2015 Rogers Talks in Calgary! I thoroughly enjoyed the enthusiasm and excitement that these high profile individuals brought. This event was free, and they fed us! Not just breakfast but a snack as well. I have to give a shout out, that they had the best cookies, hands down.

Rogers Talks

I have been to a couple of networking events in the past; but my biggest take away from this event, was that even though Calgary is in a downturn and the impacts of that situation have caused fear, and stress throughout the Core. This event was different. It was energized. The people that I met were happy and excited about the changes they will be making in their companies and for our country.


The Speakers

Below is a list of some of the speakers that were at the event last week. Their websites and social media pages are listed below so you can see what they are all about. They have some great companies to check out.

Rogers Talks
Trevor Currie Founder, Podium Consulting




Rogers Talks

Sarah Prevette Innovation Speaker, Founder of Future Design School



Rogers Talks
Ian Portsmouth Publisher of PROFIT Magazine


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Rogers Talks
 Manjit Minhas Founder of the 10th largest brewery in the world, co-star of CBC’s Dragons’ Den





Panel Q&A

I had the privilege of asking the Panel of speakers what their favourite Social Media Platform is. Ben Kelly was present on the panel, a LinkedIn Rep, his input was great and his answer gets kudos for highlighting some fantastic Social Media platforms that all entrepreneurs need to check out:

Rogers Talks

Thoughts from the rest of the panel: Facebook, Twitter, and across the panel LinkedIn. Ben Kelly also mentioned that in the Settings section for LinkedIn you are able to modify EVERYTHING! (Okay, maybe that’s a little too enthusiastic). But really, you can turn off Ads! As far as I am concerned that is like everything. Check out the LinkedIn settings for your account and play around, by this time tomorrow you will have made LinkedIn, be exactly what you need it to be.

If all the experts are saying that LinkedIn is the best Social Media platform for Business owners, we need to take notice.

If you do not have a LinkedIn account, take your next coffee break to create a page. It takes very little time, once you have it, start slowly chipping away at your page sections to get LinkedIn representing you in the best possible way.

This is my LinkedIn Profile link:

If you are getting started on LinkedIn, you can use my profile as a guideline for what to do to get it filled in, and using all the elements of LinkedIn.

A quick tip for making your LinkedIn experience better, if you would like to Network on LinkedIn, put “LION” beside your name (it stands for Linkedin Open Networker). This will show your network and people searching on LinkedIn that you are here to Network.


 The Statistics  

Rogers Talks


Here is a BIG statistic that you need to hear if you own a business.

76% of Canadians that were polled said they agreed that in the next five years they expect all businesses to allow them to order products or book appointments using the web or smartphone.

Do you have your business presence online properly? Are you on Social Media? Do you even have a website? How can I find you, if I know nothing about your company?

Start asking yourself these questions and when you are ready, we are here to help.
Rogers Talks


This was another statistic that jumped out at me as being higher than I expected. Did you realize that…

84% of people are open to E-newsletters?

Do you have one? I know that my email is fully loaded with E-newsletters on a regular basis. For me I sift through them when I have time, am looking for a deal, or need to know what’s going on with that specific company. I get to choose when I look at that information and how long I spend with it. For that reason I love it! No waste from the mail and all on my own terms.


Sarah Prevette & Crazy 8’s

I enjoyed listening to Sarah speak. The biggest take away from her was an activity that she runs with her team. She gets her team together and explains a topic or problem that they need to solve. It could be something that needs to be created or a brand new product. Whatever it is they have 40 seconds.

She takes a legal sized piece of paper and folds it in half and then into 4 columns.

Once she has this paper her team has 40secs a square to jot down their best ideas. At the end of the time each team member has created 8 ideas. They come together in their group and then review the ideas. The top ideas are put up on a wall and displayed for everyone to look at. The team takes sticky notes and comments on their favourite ideas.

In a matter of minutes her team has tackled huge problems, and is moving on to the planning and implementation stage of the idea. This is a fantastic idea for any team to use to get unstuck or to further their company with new ideas.

Prior to attending Rogers Talks, I had very little expectations. Looking back, I am very glad I attended and received a lot from this event. I am looking forward to using the Crazy 8’s on my team and digging deeper into the different tools and resources that were provided. Let us know what you think of these resources and how they have impacted your teams. As this section grows we want to ensure that our audience and clients are learning and growing. So if there is an area you would like us to look into or a company to request an interview with, let us know.

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