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Merry Christmas to everyone who has been following along with the Office Guardians’ Business Profile Blog posts. For the month of December, we are giving everyone a special treat. This month we have focused on a local artist to the Calgary area. She is so full of life, that between her personality and her artwork she has lit up this month’s post. This month we have focused on fun and Christmas. 

To those of you we won’t get a chance to interact with again this year, to you and your family, have a Merry Christmas & Happy New Year!

From the Team at Office Guardians.

Calgary Local Artist

Interview With Elise Maree:

Local Calgary Artist

Elise Maree

Calgary Artistil_570xN.556981099_ooln

Mel: What about Christmas inspires you the most as an entrepreneur?

Elise: Christmas time inspires me to get creative with ideas, that I don’t generally focus on the rest of the year, focusing on Christmas and creating work that people will love and want to buy as gifts for others.

Mel: What does a perfect Christmas look like to you?

Elise: Now that I live in Canada, the perfect Christmas looks a little different. It’s white! Every song I sang growing up in Australia, now makes sense. I actually get to walk in a winter wonderland! But, I think the perfect Christmas to me looks like having family and friends around, drinking peppermint hot chocolates, waking up in cozy pj’s on Christmas day as snow quietly falls, singing Christmas carols, and attending a Christmas Eve Church service. 

Mel: When you interact with your customers what things do you do to make the experience memorable?

Elise: I want to make every interaction as personal as I possibly can. I love getting to know my “customers,” so I take the time to send them a personal thank you note after a purchase; I tell them fun stories about my work; and let them in on part of the process. I have found that letting them in on the behind the scenes, adds delight to their experience. I want people to feel special and I think that’s even a huge part of my vision; making a customer feel like the piece was made just for them; whether it be a card or an art piece.

Mel: What are your plans, for this upcoming year, that you are the most excited about as an entrepreneur?

il_570xN.537269478_slclElise: I am looking forward to getting more exposure for my work in Calgary. I would love to begin getting my work printed onto home wares such as: plates, dishtowels, and even teacups! Since, connecting with Office Guardians, it looks like that may be a sooner possibility then I was originally thinking.

What inspires you to create the art works that you have created?

Elise: I think everything plays a part in inspiring me. My relationships, heart experiences, and encounters; stories I hear and read; other artwork I see. I feel that anything is a potential door for me to open, dive into, and create from.

il_570xN.537250164_iortMel: What have you learned from the Markets? 

Elise: I have learned a lot about visual display and the role that it plays in creating sales and creating interest- the main thing is to get people to your table and from there you can connect personally with people! I also have learned people like to buy into stories- so telling the story of what something is or how it came out creates a connection with the work and they want to be a part of that

Mel: What do you use for resources and tools, or apps that help you get through the day as a business owner?

Elise: There are many forms of social media and “resources” that I would use everyday, to enhance my creative business and help me to gain more public exposure.

My most effective and productive social media platform is Instagram.

I get to publicly share what I am working on and display it for my followers. I have been using hashtags to gain new followers for my work. My personal Facebook account has also been a great way for people to see what I have been up to.

il_570xN.537263484_rbh7I sell my work on Etsy; which is an online store for any kind of creative or collector. As well as using Pinterest to increase the likes and shares for my work. In my field, exposure is key, the more exposure I receive the further my work will travel.

I also use a blog; but have been finding quicker success with Instagram, so it quickly became my go to for Social Media.

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Local Calgary Artist


Local Calgary Artist



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