What Office Guardians can do for your Small Business

What Office Guardians can do for your Small Business

Save yourself time and headaches by turning these duties over to Office Guardians. Let us prove that we are both capable and responsible enough to handle them as you would.

Sometimes, we forget how complicated travel can be. Complex business or leisure travel requires more in-depth planning than a quick visit to Travelocity! We can do research, book your flight, hotels, and transportation and make sure you are setup with the apps you need to travel effectively. We’ll wrangle rewards points; help you make tight train/flight/shuttle connections; book a rental car or car service; make reservations for business dinners and meetings (complete with WiFi connections, access to printer/fax equipment, and more); and any other complex details related to your upcoming travel.

Most businesses juggle multiple balls at once – diverse projects that require coordination between employees, consultants, goods & service providers, and other team members. We are the perfect choice for project management: we can plan complicated events; book and strategize speaking engagements; and even manage diverse projects within your company, like system development or new branding design.

Speaking of Google Analytics, when was the last time you logged in and really dug into your results? Hand over the task us. Whether you require daily, weekly or biweekly reports, we can explore your analytics for essential takeaways – delivered straight to your inbox, and easily scanned in minutes instead of the hours Google usually requires.

You know that SEO and marketing in 2014 means developing and implementing a content strategy, but you may be struggling with finding the time or developing the expertise to do it. We can help. We’re current on content marketing and know how to create content that will help your company get the visibility you need.

Web development is one of the most arduous, time-consuming, and stressful tasks for any small business: there are key decisions to make, and major headaches if things go wrong. It can be daunting if you don’t have a technical background. Instead of focusing on the details of web dev, like how to write a bulletproof PHP script or create a customer survey, focus on the big picture – like the functionality you want. We can manage the development ourselves, or we can manage your existing development team.

Logos. Colors. Fonts. Branding. Everything your company creates, from your website to your PPC banners to the tiny labels you stick onto your product packaging, benefits from good design. Design is such essential aspect of the way your customers perceive your business, that you can’t let it slide. We can manage the design and get your design projects rolling.

It’s 2014 and more and more businesses are thinking bigger about what a virtual assistant can do for them.

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