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For minimal tasks or tying up loose ends. Best for private individuals or Sole-Proprietorships needing to free up time for doing what you do best.

The basic package can be a combination of any service provided by Office Guardians, based on the discretion of the client. All packages require a retainer at the start of work requested. At anytime you may add additional hours a month to work required in 5hr increments at the Hourly Fee listed below. Unused hours do not carry forward and cannot be refunded.

10 hours per month









*A minimum 5hr commitment is required for every job
** Anything above 9hrs will be transferred into a Package for lower hourly fees
*** Prices per hour do not include taxes or additional service fees (website domain purchases, print services, etc.




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Let us help you figure out the plan that works best for your tasks and budget.




FOR INDIVIDUAL PROJECTS: 50% Deposit up front, with the balance upon completion (Net 15 Days terms). Quote does not include taxes and any additional related project costs not stated (i.e. special photography or videography). Pricing in Canadian funds. Quote valid for 30 days.

FOR CONTINUOUS/ ONGOING PROJECTS: Payments are received on the 15th and the 30th of every month. If your start date is prior to the 15th or 30th then your first payment will include any additional days prior to the 15th or 30th. E.G: If your start date is the 10th of the month, your first payment will cover the period from the 10th to the 30th. From this point the regular schedule will commence. If a payment is not received in the agreed time frame then a ‘stop work order’ will be put in place until payment is received. We will do everything we can to complete any missed hours, however it may not be possible in every situation. E.G: If you have a 5hrs a week package at a rate of $60.00 per hour, you will be required to pay $600.00 up front and then $600.00 on the 15th  and 30th  of each month for the duration of your contract. (Plus any additional charges from the previous two weeks ex: copies, program fees, subscription fees, etc). 

Additional charges will be incurred for project work or costs that are out of scope of this estimate, such as photography, colour copies, courier charges and administration time. Any work completed after 2 rounds of revisions to the initial concept will be billed outside of this estimate. For further info regarding these terms, please see the terms and conditions on the attached page.

  • Unused hours cannot be carried over to the next month; however we will work with you to ensure you are getting the best value for your money.
  • Office Guardians will include Project Coordination, Administration, & Meeting Times in your pre-paid monthly package. (Meetings include: Video Chat, Phone, Messaging, or In-Person).
  • Disbursements (print, copies, postage, etc) are charged at cost and will be included at the time of invoicing.
  • Our Office hours are 8:30am to 4:30pm MST Monday to Friday. We observe all Canadian holidays.
  • Rush or weekend/holiday service is subject to a 25% after hours fee (Minimum 5hr requirement). (Ex: $60.00/hr Regular fee + 25% = $75.00) All Rush or weekend/holiday service projects are subject to pre-approval.
  • Payments are accepted via cheque, email transfer, PayPal, or Square.
  • There will be a $30 service charge for any NSF cheques.
  • Overdue accounts will be subject to 2% interest charges per month.

For further info regarding these terms, please see the terms and conditions


Estimates  Estimates cover the expected cost of a project based on the information provided by the client and Office Guardian’s past experience with similar projects.  Office Guardians will keep a detailed time journal for all creative services and project management charges.  The cost may increase if the client requires added services or provisions above and beyond those originally quoted, for example, additional or fully revised creative concepts, photography, etc.  If additional time or budget is needed to complete a project, approvals will be requested from the client.

At the time of creating an estimate all possible costs may not be recognized or initially known. These could include items such as image scanning, color copies (Office Guardians will make every effort to provide proofs electronically), photography, stock photographs, travel expenses, national or international couriers, duties and taxes. These costs will be charged to the client on the final invoice.  Approvals will be requested from the client for all significant charges.

Archival  It is highly recommended that clients store all artwork files created by Office Guardians at their location.  We maintain client files in our archives; however, we are not responsible for loss or damage.  If a client requests a file more than 30 days after the completion of a project, they will be charged a $50 archive retrieval fee.  The client’s account must be under 30 days and the invoice for the project requested must be paid in full prior to release of the file.

Cancellation of a Project  In the event that a project is cancelled at the written request of the client for reasons beyond Office Guardian’s control, Office Guardians will bill the client for work completed, hours invested and expenses incurred by Office Guardians prior to the cancellation of the project.  Office Guardians will maintain ownership of all work completed to the date of cancellation.

Client File Requirements   All files supplied by the client must be submitted in the formats outlined here.  Text must be provided in an electronic format, either Microsoft Word or PDF.  Logos and charts must be provided in an EPS or Illustrator format. Photographs must be provided as a standard reflective photograph, slide, and negative or in a digital format at an adequate resolution.  The client will incur additional costs if information is provided in a format other than those listed above.

Confidential Information   Confidential Information refers to information of a proprietary nature that a party ought to know is confidential, which is disclosed to the other party through execution of the project entered into.  Office Guardians and the client both agree not to disclose confidential information of the other party without the party’s written consent and agree to take reasonable care to protect such information.

Disputed Goods, Services or Invoices   Any disputes involving products, services or invoices provided by Office Guardians must be reported in writing to Office Guardians within 15 days of their receipt. Any disputed goods or invoices must be returned to Office Guardians upon the instigation of a dispute.

Ownership and Use   Upon completion of a project and payment in full, all materials provided by the client for the project (including disks, content, reference material, etc) will remain the property of the client and will be returned upon request. The results of any and all work, including copyrighted work, designed by Office Guardians for the client also become the property of the client.  All materials provided by Office Guardians, including copy, artwork, photography plates and other physical embodiment that the client elects not to utilize remain the property of Office Guardians unless the client has paid for the materials.  Office Guardians reserves the right to display, including in their company portfolio, the results of any and all work produced for the client, unless the information is classified as proprietary or confidential by the client.

Terms   For print projects and branded merchandise orders, Office Guardians will require a 100% deposit of the balance due on quote (unless otherwise stated on your estimate).  (Ex: Printing 1000 Business Cards with a cost of $200.00. The $200.00 is due after the quote is received from the Print Agency, before the order is placed). Payment to the Print Agency will only happen after print material has been approved for accuracy. 

Click HERE to download a PDF of Office Guardian’s Services and Pricing Packages