The Sandwich Foundation Business Profile: Non-Profit Edition

thesandwichfoundationAmanda Paes
The Sandwich Foundation

Office Guardians: Where did the vision for the Sandwich Foundation come from?

The Sandwich Foundation: I have been volunteering at the Calgary Drop-In Centre for years. One day last August, I noticed that the Chef was cutting unsliced loaves of bread. I asked him about it and discovered that there was a need for sandwiches for the working homeless. With the economic downturn there was an even greater need of around 8,000 sandwiches a week. Helping the homeless has been something that I have been passionate about for years, so when I heard about this need, I knew that was a need that I could help with. That was the very start of the Sandwich Foundation.

Office Guardians: In the first year of operation, what would you say is your biggest accomplishment?

The Sandwich Foundation: The biggest accomplishment we have made in our first year of operation, is the community support for the Foundation. With our volunteers we have made over 100,000 sandwiches; which have fed 50,000 homeless people, in our first year alone. This summer we obtained our charitable status and have seen exponential growth since August. We are extremely excited about what is going to happen in our second year.


Office Guardians: What has been your biggest challenge this past year? What have you learned from it?

The Sandwich Foundation: Our biggest challenge in our first year has been keeping up with the demand for sandwiches. With funding being irregular there are times when we cannot make the necessary amount of sandwiches on a given week. When this happens it becomes increasingly difficult to secure sufficient volunteer numbers. With our new charitable giving number in place and continued increases to our monthly donations we will soon be able to overcome this challenge by setting up regular sessions for sandwich prep and distribution.

Office Guardians: In the months ahead, what would you like to see happen at the Sandwich Foundation for your clients?

The Sandwich Foundation: We would like to partner with schools to have the children provide handmade artwork and encouraging messages to be included in the bagged lunches. We partnered with #MakeItMerry at Christmas to provide positive messages on Christmas cards that were hand delivered to the homeless people at the Drop-in Centre. They were very appreciative of the messages. I believe it would be great to send these messages on a regular basis, along with our bagged lunches, so that they know people care about them. As well, this would help foster awareness of homelessness with Calgary’s youth.

thesandwichfoundationOffice Guardians: Why did you choose Sandwiches? What sort of sandwiches do you make?

The Sandwich Foundation: We choose sandwiches because they are a simple and efficient way to provide nutritious lunches. They can easily be taken to work and does not require any additional preparation. Currently we make peanut butter and jam sandwiches and deli meat sandwiches.

Office Guardians: What is your most memorable story since working with the homeless?

The Sandwich Foundation: The most memorable story was when The Boys and Girls club came together and made bagged lunches with us. It was very inspirational to watch these kids with so little put their hearts into making sandwiches with us. They chose to give their time to make sandwiches for others in need, if they can take out the time and help others, then how much more can those of us

thesandwichfoundationOffice Guardians: Why take the time to care for people that you have never met and may never meet? What has taking care of this area of need taught you?

The Sandwich Foundation: It is important to me to give back to the community as I feel fortunate for the opportunities and support that I have received and want to provide that to others. The knowledge that I have helped people even in a small way is its own reward.

thesandwichfoundationOffice Guardians would like to say a big thank you to Amanda for taking part in this month’s business profile. Please take a second and connect with Amanda and The Sandwich Foundation online today!

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